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Style and substance go hand in hand in designing a banner or write leaflets and pamphlets for the business. Banners proclaim one’s business as effectively as writing pages about it. They speak out in words and pictures conveying the essence of what follows in the web content. The pamphlets and leaflets are probably the most cost effective promotional devices. A well designed leaflet, succinct and self explanatory can spread the word around handily and inexpensively. Photo editing brings the best in pictures the dynamics of the company, capturing one’s attention and at times riveting it to the message.

A picture is worth a thousand words and a well edited photo montage is worth a lot more. Then there are the business cards, visiting cards etc. They are personalized and with muted elegance proclaims the quality and expertise of the person having it. It is a truly bespoke device, very personal and conveying sense of one to one commitment when proffered by one executive to a customer. It is the simple and direct means of putting one’s business across to a potential client in a personalized way. That is the card is a passport to the man and the single effective interpersonal way of reaching out. We here fully realize that once this initial but vital step is done with the aid of a visiting or business card, then it is often a case of well begun, half done! In the whole package of promotional literature and aids, all these are indispensable links that go to make the whole not just the sum of the parts but even exceeding them by way of the impact and information.

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